Parking Assistant

Public parking lots have the common complexity of taking much time to pay for your parking. The boards with the necessary information might be missing/outdated and sometimes hard to read. Especially annoying for people with limited eyesight. This software is meant to simplify the parking process simpler.

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“For me, the most important aspect of providing a service/feature is the user experience. This way of thinking (or even lifestyle) leads to trying to improve the things that we do on a daily basis. With the lackluster parking process in my city, I applied my knowledge to make it simpler and approachable.”

Ivan VelkoviOS Engineer / Product Owner

Problems to be solved

In Skopje the paid parking is complex and annoying to deal with. Especially with various zones, different providers, and different working times. Payment is SMS based, so they have to be manually written. Not to mention that some parking areas barely have viewable written information about them being paid or not.

This solution shortens the time to achieve the payment process within 2-3 clicks.

A mobile app, based on the user’s location, detects the parking area and informs the user whether it’s paid or not and if it’s currently free due to working hours. It offers a pre-written SMS with the proper region and phone number to be sent with a single click. The car registration can be saved locally in the app for future usage.

Map View

Show your location automatically on the map, together with the locally available parking spots.

Precise parking information

Parking spots are detected according to your region or available via a quick tap. The details for the parking spots are available right there, with a visual representation of open times and prices.

Quick SMS generation

The app will generate the SMS, including all necessary elements (area code, car registration, time limit etc.). There is no need for the user to know/learn the pattern for a specific parking lot.

Simple to use interface

The users can easily pay for parking with quick navigation and a couple of clicks. The interface is accessible, and it doesn’t require the user to do anything outside of their smartphone.


While the current iteration is not complex, the feature list can be enhanced greatly with payment methods, login capabilities, push notifications, and much more.

Tech Stack


  • Java 11

  • Spring boot

  • PostgreSQL DB


  • Javascript

  • Vue

  • CSS3


  • Swift

Do you want to learn more?

Ivan has worked on the N47 Parking Assistant project since the very beginning, so he knows everything about it. He’d love to tell you more!