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Developing software for you is our core competence and what we love to do.

Understanding Your Problem To Be Solved

Your precious ideas and the solution to your problems are the basis for our work.

It is our challenge to rapidly achieve an overall understanding of the topics, environments, processes, domains, and involved stakeholders to drill into the details.
While you are directly attached to your business, we take an outside perspective and initiate the discussion with our internal experts to get to the roots of the problem to be solved.

We can do deep analysis for you in many aspects, but our focus is mostly hands-on-driven. We avoid highly theoretical considerations and focus on solving the problems.

Applying a 30:70 approach with 30% analysis and 70% implementation grants a fast project or transformation start.

Select The Right Technologies And Systems

When developing a new solution, we propose to work with very modern technologies. The development cycle takes a while until the solution is production-ready, and new versions of coding languages, as well as tools, are thrown at the market with high frequency.

It is one of the most challenging topics to stay ahead of time with the selected technologies.

  • Security: You might end up with a system where no security patches are developed anymore.
  • Resources: Developers might not be interested in working with the technology you use.
  • Scaleability: Servers might be fully equipped, and no additional space can be added.

When we build on existing environments, we search for the best suitable fit to achieve the requirements. Additionally, we keep an eye on old components and how they could be substituted.

As humans, we anticipate changes, and your employees and clients probably feel the same. It is our duty to propose smooth transitions and to build confidence in the new instead of fear.

Software Development Through An Agile Approach

We follow Scrum methodology, which has proven to enable great results and assures us of keeping all project stakeholders in sync. It provides us with flexibility in adapting to changing requirements. We deliver the software in iterative steps to ensure early identification and resolution of interest and cost gaps during the project lifecycle.

Whether you are located in Europe or anywhere in the world, everyone can join the daily standup or dig into the Jira backlog.

How we live it:

  • Periodic knowledge-sharing sessions
  • Alignment of team members through code reviews, daily standups, and other agile ceremonies
  • Real-time, stable demo environment directly reflects the progress on new features and bug fixes
  • Code is always accessible (GIT)
  • QA & Testing with a transparent reporting
  • Continuous Integration (CI/CD pipeline), including automated deployment and provisioning

Focusing On The Production Release

When we start a project with you, we define a timeline together and, from the beginning, keep our focus on the production release as a target.
According to the agile development principles, we keep the development cycle as short as possible by implementing our MVP approach to bring your solution to the market as fast as possible.

By implementing Unit- and E2E testing, we ensure the quality of the software we deliver and equip it for the future lifecycle. Our internal security department additionally screens our solutions to adhere to modern standards.

For any software implemented by N47, we call in 3rd party penetration testing to reduce security risks.

Your Solution Flourishing On Stable Ground

Operating, enriching, and scaling your solutions through our managed services department in a fluent process is crucial for you and for us.

We selected the most modern cloud environments to run your applications and provide you with the custom SLA options of your choice.
We can also run applications on your own infrastructure or proprietary cloud solutions if required for compatibility- or security reasons.

According to the agreed SLA options, our DevOps specialists maintain your software running and react fast to any production issue.
Monitoring and health checks ensure the well-being of your infrastructure.

With a smooth rolling-out process of software releases, including new features, we complete the lifecycle for you.

We build digital products end-to-end in an iterative agile process.







The complete process of developing and delivering a software solution can be carried out by our team of professional business analysts, project managers, and software engineers.

Our work starts with an idea for how to solve a business problem presented to us by you as a client. Over several increments, we develop a production-ready solution, providing real business value from the first day on and ready to be fully scaled and further equipped.

We realize tailor-made software that leaves nothing to be desired. Our entire team is committed to creation, conception, programming, testing, and operation to boost your success.

This is how we supercharge your success.