Flutter KNOW-92

Why I loved Flutter despite being a fan of Native App Development

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile application development framework that is developed by Google and supports building apps for IOS and Android operating systems from a single codebase with native-like performance.

If you are unsure whether to learn Flutter, then don’t wait. Give it a Try!

CQRS and Event Sourcing with Axon Framework

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Based on architectural principles, such as Domain Driven Design and Command-Query Responsibility Segregation, Axon Framework provides the building blocks that CQRS requires. This allows you to focus on your business logic and helps you to create scalable and extensible applications.


Reading Time: 4 minutes

Today, we are gonna take a look at JMeter, a popular open-source software used for performance testing. In this example we are using it as an external integration testing solution together with maven.

New to programming? 5 things you should pay more attention to

Reading Time: 5 minutes

You just started to study programming?
Here are five things that maybe will ease your path becoming a programmer.

Spring Cloud Function meets AWS Lambda

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Spring Cloud Function helps you create decoupled functions for serverless hosting providers (like AWS Lambda) or any other runtime target without vendor lock-in.

Today we will be building a demo project using Spring Cloud Function and deploy it in AWS Lambda in less than 10 minutes!

WeAreDevelopers 2019 Berlin – The Good and the Bad parts

Reading Time: 7 minutes

How was this years WeAreDevelopers Conference? Continue reading if you want to find out more about: Speakers, Talks & Organization.

Unit testing with Mockito

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Writing unit tests for our code is a mandatory task in the agile world, and there are many tools in the market that help with automated testing. One of them is Mockito, and the goal of this article is to provide a brief overview of this tool.

N47 Meetup #19 in Macedonia

Reading Time: 1 minute

In the beginning of July we organised our first N47 Meetup in Macedonia. We spent 3 full days together eating, drinking and exploring (especially Lake Ohrid 🏊‍♂️☀️) this lovely country! Besides that, we also had to celebrate our newly built office in the city center of Skopje 🎉🥳 with a nice office warming party!

Testing Spring Boot application with examples

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Testing code is one of the characteristics of a good software engineer. In this post I give an overview of different type of tests and how we can achieve them using the latest features of Spring Boot.

Editable Templates in AEM 6.5

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Editable templates were first introduced into Adobe Experience Manager AEM 6.2 and improved in the next releases. They were integrated in AEM to give authors the possibility to create and structure templates rather than developers.

This blog post summarizes the editable templates provided by Adobe Experience Manager and shows how to do it yourself in a short tutorial.