Prestige Immobilien

We built a back office web application which provides various administrative tools used by real estate managers and team leads. Master data like addresses, properties, etc. are retrieved from Abacus ERP. It started as a maintenance task management tool and evolved over time into a sophisticated ticketing system that uses the Camunda Business Process Engine.

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Quality Assurance

Termination & reletting

Prestige Immobilien AG is processing a high volume of rental applications per day. This includes the verification of personal data, the collection of reference information, and the determination of creditworthiness.

N47 was asked to implement a solution where interested parties can easily submit applications online. Their employers and previous owners are then automatically asked for feedback. The system reduces manual effort and gives employees more time for important decisions.

Ticketing system

Daily real estate management tasks are done with a newly introduced ticketing system by N47. Some sophisticated retail workflows are modeled with BPMN, like, for example, rental applications, while others are simple and flexible one-step tasks to be solved. The ticketing system enables the employees to keep an overview of the pending and completed topics for a specific tenant or property. Having a comprehensive overview of the various topics of a managed property is a big advantage.

Direct communications between involved stakeholders, like tenants, craftsmen, owners, etc., shorten the processes and create more transparency.


Tickets completed per month


Maintenance tasks created per year


Feedbacks collected form tenants per year

Maintenance tasks

One of the first modules implemented within the new ticketing system is the maintenance task system. It is in use for several years now at the clients. This tool facilitates the creation of offer inquiries and commissions of maintenance tasks for the objects managed by Prestige Immobilien AG.

All relevant data is entered in a central place and can be sent to the relevant stakeholders like tenants, property owners, and craftsmen.

Address and Property Dashboard

The address and property dashboard provides a lean but valuable overview of Prestige Immobilien AG’s various stakeholders and properties. Whenever an employee receives an external call, the dashboard opens in a browser, and the phone number is fetched to be shown. If the caller’s contact is known, related properties and objects, including tickets, are displayed.

This information empowers employees to provide callers with fast and up-to-date feedback.

Heating Oil

More and more heating systems are getting replaced, but still, a valuable amount of them is running on oil. For these, notifications about low filling levels to refill on time are crucial.

Filling levels of the tanks get imported from a third-party solution and displayed in the tools implemented by N47. Order requests for various properties can get created directly out of the tools to find the best offerings.

Construction projects

Providing a fast overview for real estate managers of all relevant building projects in planning where Prestige Immobilien AG manages properties is a big advantage the tool provides. This allows Prestige Immobilien AG to submit objections to projects where a negative impact on the tenants and, therefore, on the property’s value could result.

The underlying data is imported automatically, and alerts are sent daily when new projects in the range of a managed property get added.


Sending transparent reports to clients frequently is important to Prestige Immobilien AG. The dossier reporting system, implemented by N47 provides strong support in establishing this transparency.

The system allows the creation of extensive reports about tenants, commissioned work, accounting, etc., on-demand for each property. Various sources are combined into a single report.


Managers of Prestige Immobilien AG can consult various statics through the system. Important figures and statistics about the usage of Prestige Tools are visualized. These visualizations include tenant satisfaction, the amount of created maintenance tasks by employees, executed maintenance tasks, the volume of ordered heating oil, benchmarks about opened vs. completed tickets, and more.

Tech Stack


  • Java 11
  • SpringBoot Microservices
  • REST + GraphQL Endpoints
  • Apollo Federation based API Gateway


  • VueJS 2
  • Vuetify
  • Vue Apollo
  • ChartsJS


  • Cloud-native on Azure
  • IaC with Terraform
  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure Cloud File Storage


  • Camunda Business Process Engine
  • Abacus SOAP API
  • BitBucket Pipelines
  • Sonarcloud Code Analysis
  • Operations responsibility

About the customer

Prestige Immobilien AG is a renowned real estate company in Zurich, specializing in rental, purchase and sale as well as administration and management of real estate (residential- and commercial properties).

For over 40 years, they have provided comprehensive services for property owners and apartment renters. They specialize in all real estate matters, successfully acting as partners, strategists, problem solvers, diplomats, and all-rounders. Their profound expertise and long lasted experience are the foundations of their prestige in the sectors of real estate management, brokerage, and marketing, manifested by satisfied customers, both owners and tenants, who have relied on Prestige Immobilien AG for many years and decades.

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