HR Recruitment Buddy

HR Recruitment Buddy is an application supposed to help HR and interviewers in scheduling, performing, and closing interviews. The main idea is to decentralize and better document the entire process.

UX/UI Design
Backend Development
Frontend Development

“HR Recruitment Buddy is the main tool for HR to organize interviews, track candidates' progress, find free and suitable interviewers, and much more. It decentralizes and documents the interview process, split it into multiple steps, and shares the information between more colleagues.”

Kristijan IlievSoftware Engineer / Team Lead

Problems to be solved

We get hold of a good candidate with only 1 year of experience, but what we are looking for is more experience. To keep the candidate pending for possible employment in the future, HR Recruitment Buddy stores the collected information to facilitate a future hiring process. Through this, we generate an applicant pool.

Optimized business processes

Better organize CVs from candidates, interviewers, steps, and feedback.

This tool will provide substantial support to HR in the recruitment process and will help provide better feedback during the process and reduce the need of intercommunication and meetings.
Additionally, a less biased interview process with less information shared between interviewers should result.
A role concept will steer visibility over the interview process.

Simple interview workflow

  1. HR approaches the candidate and initiates the workflow by saving basic candidate data (name, surname, technologies, position applying for, and attaches the CV)
  2. Then a suitable interviewer is assigned (email sent to the colleague)
  3. After the first technical interview, the interviewers share their feedback by rating the candidate for each skill they were able to evaluate the candidate on
  4. Then a second interview (if following the current model) is scheduled with a different interviewer.
  5. When technical interviews are done, HR or hiring managers take over

From a legal perspective, it is important to ask for the candidateโ€™s data consent so that storing their data in our system is approved by them.

Tech Stack


  • Spring Boot
  • Microservice architecture
  • REST
  • Testcontainers (Integration tests)
  • JUnit / Mockito / RestAssured
  • Java
  • Maven
  • PostgreSQL
  • Flyway
  • ORM: JOOQ / Hibernate
  • Keycloak IDP
  • Bitbucket CI/CD Pipeline
  • Sonarqube Static Code Analysis tool integrated in CI/CD pipeline


  • Google Kubernetes cluster
    • App pods
    • Ingress
    • Cert-manager
    • Sql-proxy
    • Prometheus
    • Grafan
    • Kibana
    • Elastic
    • Portainer


  • Vue.js 3
  • TypeScript
  • Tailwind Css
  • Ant Design
  • GraphQL
  • Vue-Apollo client

Do you want to learn more?

Kristijan has worked on the N47 HR Recruitment Buddy project since the very beginning, so he knows everything about it. He’d love to tell you more!