Difference between Normal and Arrow Functions

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Arrow functions have been adopted since ECMAScript 2015. They are very powerful and simple. But what are the main differences between arrow functions and normal functions in JavaScript?

ReactiveX in Android with an example – RxJava

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Let’s have brief information about RxJava library: You will know why it is useful and the usage of it in a real application which makes API calls via Retrofit2 networking library and shows the usage of map(), flatMap(), concatMap() operators of RxJava.

Experiences of FrontendConnect 2019 conference Warsaw, Poland

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Frontend Connect 2019 was held in Warsaw`s days of November, attended by many high valued speakers and other people from the IT world. Everybody had broadened horizon by attendance, gained knowledge and shared experiences from this tech event.

A simple way of using Micrometer, Prometheus and Grafana (Spring Boot 2)

Reading Time: 7 minutes

When we run any java application, we are running JVM. That JVM uses resources like memory, processor etc. Same happens when we run any spring application to; it runs and uses our hardware resources. Monitoring and measuring these parameters is crucial when we are in production or when we like to test the performance of our application.

Securing your microservices with OAuth 2.0. Building Authorization and Resource server

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Learn how to secure your spring boot microservices using OAuth 2.0.
In this article we are going to build an authorization and resource server that will help us to keep our data secure.

Project Lombok explained

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Lombok is an opensource project that reduces boiler plate code in the Java Pojo’s by using annotations in the class. The main advantage of Lombok is to get rid of generating getters & setters.

3 shell scripts to help you manage AEM Instances

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Managing AEM instances is hard. Well, that might be an overstatement but it’s certainly not as easy as it could be. Thankfully there are small shell scripts to make your AEM developer live a little easier!

Grid anatomy and why you need to use it

Reading Time: 7 minutes

When working on the new design in order to provide a quality experience for your users, it is essential that you pay attention to the design principles. Consistency is a golden rule in web design for both visual elements and functionalities.

Flutter KNOW-92

Why I loved Flutter despite being a fan of Native App Development

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile application development framework that is developed by Google and supports building apps for IOS and Android operating systems from a single codebase with native-like performance.

If you are unsure whether to learn Flutter, then don’t wait. Give it a Try!

CQRS and Event Sourcing with Axon Framework

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Based on architectural principles, such as Domain Driven Design and Command-Query Responsibility Segregation, Axon Framework provides the building blocks that CQRS requires. This allows you to focus on your business logic and helps you to create scalable and extensible applications.