AEM 6.5 and SSL

Reading Time: 4 minutes

With “SSL By Default” Adobe provides a simple way to set up SSL on AEM 6.5. This should encourage people to use HTTPS for internal communication between AEM instances. Here we describe step by step how to activate SSL on a local environment using self-signed certificates for testing purposes.

Typescript/ES7 Decorators to make Vuex modules a breeze

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Vuex with the help of TypeScript can improve your productivity thanks to the features like “strict-type-safety” or “decorators”. You can write a Vuex module as a class.

Spring Cloud OpenFeign

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Feign provides flexibility to RESTful APIs in Spring Boot, and it’s getting popular. As a good RESTful solution, it also provides circuit breaker integration.

Hackdayz 2019 fun and creativity

Reading Time: 3 minutes

During our Hackdayz 2019, we just recognized the effect of fun on increasing creativity and efficiency at work and overcoming obstacles to work such as time pressure or language barriers. We also had such a friendly cultural exchange event where we met our colleagues from different countries and had a great time in Budapest.

Did we forget the Immutable classes in Java?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Did we forget the Immutable classes in Java? Well, I did. In everyday work we can hear discussions about microservices, containers, beans, entities etc. but it is very hard and rare to hear some talk about immutable or mutable classes. Why is it like that?

Hibernate techniques for mapping sets, lists and enumerations

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Hibernate is an essential object-relation mapping framework for the Java programming language. Hibernate’s primary feature is mapping from Java classes to database tables and vice versa.
In this article we will learn how to use advanced hibernate techniques for mapping sets, lists and enums in simple and easy steps.

GraphQL! 😍😍

Reading Time: 3 minutes

GraphQL is an awesome query language that will make your developing days easier. Here are the first steps into it, some advantages & disadvantages of this cool language and a deep comparison between GraphQL and REST.

Mobile App Marketing

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Almost everyone uses mobile devices nowadays. The market for mobile applications is really huge. The site has statistics that show that currently, over 6.1 million applications are existing from >1.9 million publishers. If you have a cool idea and you finally create a mobile application, the first goal is that your application will be downloaded from the bunch of apps in stores. Your app may be exceptional, well coded, without bugs, well designed, but still, the download numbers can be poor. Where is the problem? Why?

The answer is simple. You need a great marketing strategy to succeed.

Crypto Trading Bot

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Every year, N47 as a tech family celebrates a tech festival as Hackdays at the end of the year. In December 2019 we were in Budapest, Hungary for Hackdays. There were five different teams and each team had created some cool projects in a short time. I was also part of a team and we implemented a simple trading bot for Crypto. In this blog post, I want to share my experiences.

JHipster with Google App Engine and Cloud MySQL

Reading Time: 5 minutes

How does it sound to set up complete spring application, with frontend and database? With all the models, repositories and controllers? Even with Unit and Integration tests, with mocked data? All within a few hours? Your solution is JHipster!