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Five months and in Krakow has already finished again. That leaves me some time for preparation and anticipation.


Key preparations like conference ticket, flight and hotel are done. However, I would be grateful for sightseeing hints for the evenings. Feel free to share them in the comments section.

There are five different tickets available. Generally, you have three alternatives with some optional sugar in form of dinner or gifts.

  • Conference only
  • Deep Dives only
  • Combi (both of them)

I’ve chosen the conference only ticket because I prefer to attend more but shorter slots as the speakers are forced to focus on the key parts. I also liked this format in my last visit at Devox Belgium in 2017.


There is not yet a published schedule but only the list of tracks:

  • Web & HTML5
  • Cloud & Big Data
  • Server Side Java
  • Future <Devoxx>
  • Mobile
  • JVM Languages
  • Methodology
  • Java SE
  • Architecture & Security

And now, those are my expectations for Devoxx Poland

  • New Java language features in 11 and 12.
  • From monolith via microservice to serverless. What’s the next thing?
  • Learn about some new fancy JS frameworks.
  • What’s new in the mobile world and which approach will make us happy: native, hybrid, web views, …?
  • Insights into JVM release roadmap and Oracle subscription models.
  • Enjoy some typical Polish foods and drink.


  • Shady says:

    I visited this city last year because of this conference. I got some points to tell:
    1- The city is great and has till now the old style of Europe.
    2- Prices are really low.
    3- The topics in the conference are really good. it is a variety of architectural and technical meetings.
    4- I recommend, you stay in Novotel Krakaw. It is only 800 meter away from conference.
    5- Don’t forget to visity salt mine in Krakaw 😉

    • Stefan Maurer says:

      Thank you Shady.

      Hopefully, I find time to visit the salt mine 🙂

  • Shady says:

    One more thing, there was a really good restaurant. But, you need to reserve it before, and the service is awesome.

    • Jeremy Haas says:

      👍 Yes, this restaurant wasn’t just good, it was AWESOME! Don’t miss it!

    • Stefan Maurer says:

      The food from this restaurant looks delicious. Thanks for the recommendation!