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iOSMobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Almost everyone uses mobile devices nowadays. The market for mobile applications is really huge. The site has statistics that show that currently, over 6.1 million applications are existing from >1.9 million publishers. If you have a cool idea and you finally create a mobile application, the first goal is…
BlockchainJavaSpring Boot

Crypto Trading Bot

Every year, N47 as a tech family celebrates a tech festival as Hackdays at the end of the year. In December 2019 we were in Budapest, Hungary for Hackdays. There were five different teams and each team had created some cool projects in a short time. I was also part…
Amit Pethani
gestalt principlesDesignEducationUIUX

Gestalt principles

These principles help take the guesswork out of design. If applied correctly, they can provide you with some quick wins out of the box. By employing these psychological tenets, designers and non-designers can understand why they make certain decisions and better predict how audiences will perceive various elements.
Iva Ilievska

Culture exchange and its effect on productivity

Culture, productivity, culture exchange and unity have a generally positive effect on the efficiency of any company, which results in increasing the pace of productivity. Moreover, the culture exchange increases the company's ability to create a global effective mindset. Taking a case study of our company culture exchange program and…
Shehab Eltobgy