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Why Multi-sig wallet?

Bitcoins are generally stored in Bitcoin’s blockchain addresses, which are Public/Private key pairs of ECDSA. Around 80% of the bitcoins are stored using standard (single-key) addresses, which usually starts with number “1”. Therefore, anyone who have access to any private key corresponding to that standard address can move funds and…
Amit Pethani
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Spring Cloud Stream (event-driven microservice) with Apache Kafka… in 15 Minutes!

Spring Cloud Stream is a framework built on top of Spring Boot and Spring Integration that helps in creating event-driven or message-driven microservices. After reading this, you will be able to write three Spring Boot microservices (producer, processor and consumer) communication through a distributed streaming platform (e.g. Apache Kafka) in…
Jeremy Haas
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Machine Learning

The development of fast and powerful computers with huge computational power allow this segment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to grow even faster. I will give a short brief about Machine Learning starting with some definitions, short history when it is used, and will check some good frameworks that allow machine…