Hackdayz #18: Absence Hub

Reading Time: 5 minutes

You want to plan the next projects, but do not know which of your employees are available? Who is on vacation 🏖? Who is ill 🤒? Who is where?

Or you are planning your next vacation and you are swiping about the best hotel offers and places. But then a mail from your boss: Your request is rejected 👎. The reason is that there is even a more important project and your talent is needed there!

Voxxed Days Bucharest & Devoxx Ukraine – HERE WE COME!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

We did it last year, we are gonna do it again this year. Two buddies, two conferences in two different countries. Bucharest and Kiev, here we come!

Hackdayz #18: Mr Moody

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Mr Moody, a custom implemented slackbot, is based on the niko-niko calendar which is a simple practice to track the team mood, conventional used on a board with stickers or written on paper. We implemented it while attending our first offsite event Hackdayz18 at the Oberwaid in St. Gallen.

IT Nearshore in Skopje: Turning Fail Story to Success Story

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Our journey of establishing an own near shore company with all thoughts and problems. Turning a Fail Story to a Success Story within few months.

Hackdayz #18: Git Repo Sync Tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Working as a consultant usually involves handling client and local repositories seamlessly and is often pretty simple as an individual.

When working in a distributed team environment where only a portion of the members have access to certain areas of the project, the situation becomes a bit tricky to handle. We identified this as a minor showstopper in our organization and during our internal hackathon #hackdayz2018 we decided to make our lives easier.

Vegetable growing in the office 🌱🍅

Reading Time: 4 minutes

We have a pretty nice office in Zurich. I’ve just missed from day 1 on some plants. Many different are suitable for the office, but I opted for something that also brings a return.

Hackdayz #18 – Video

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Our first Hackdayz was a blast! Mid of December 2018 we organized our first Hackdayz. A two day offsite teaming and workshop event for all our employees. The goal: Get something (project) done in 48 hours! We will blog about the details later on… but for now, here are some impressions of us from the Oberwaid in St. Gallen.

My humble expectations on Devoxx Poland 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Read about my expectations on my first visit to Devoxx Poland from 24th – 27th June hosted in Krakow.

Microservices vs. Monoliths

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Microservices are both an architecture and an approach to writing software. With microservices, applications are broken down into their smallest components, independent from each other.

Update Jenkins plugins behind a corporate proxy

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Many teams running Jenkins in their infrastructure need to go through a corporate proxy in order to access external resources. It’s relatively easy to configure a proxy in the advanced plugin configuration. But if each domain needs to be white-listed, trouble starts almost certainly.