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Spring Boot 2.0 new Features

Spring Boot is most used Framework by java developer for creating microservices. Spring Boot 2.0 is first major release after its launch. We at N47 decided to use Spring Boot 2.0 for developing our products and services. Here are the most important changes and new features.
Amit Pethani

Do we love coding?

If the software department is to justify itself again for what they create with passion or the question comes, if and why you actually love coding. Maybe we have found a good reason for you to inspire others.
Boris Hager

Hackdayz #18: Absence Hub

You want to plan the next projects, but do not know which of your employees are available? Who is on vacation 🏖? Who is ill 🤒? Who is where? Or you are planning your next vacation and you are swiping about the best hotel offers and places. But then a…

Hackdayz #18: Mr Moody

Mr Moody, a custom implemented slackbot, is based on the niko-niko calendar which is a simple practice to track the team mood, conventional used on a board with stickers or written on paper. We implemented it while attending our first offsite event Hackdayz18 at the Oberwaid in St. Gallen.
Jeremy Haas